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Biddy Napanangka Timms was born in 1952 and is from Lajamanu, Northern Territory. Napanangka knows her ceremony’s and laws and dances. She started painting in 2009 using her first medium which was body art in ochre and oils. Her favourite past times are caring for her grandchildren, cleaning her house and spending time in the art centre painting.


Lily Hargraves Nungarrayi was born c.1930 and is from Lajamanu, Northern Territory. Being a Senior Law Woman, she is responsible for supervising women’s song and dance ceremonies. Lily began painting on canvas since c.1986 and is well versed in the stories that she paints.


Margaret Cox was born in 1958 in Fitzroy Crossing. She came from a family of nine children who lived in the Yiyili Community. Margaret has a partner Leslie, five chidlren and one adopted child and is a grandmother. She enjoys painting with acrylics on canvas and carving aretfacts from the wood of the Coolaman tree.


Marjorie Cox was born in 1959 at Margaret River Station and lives in and around Yiyili Aboriginal Community. Marjorie was the daughter of talented artist Norman Cox and like her father, was an active member in both community and school business. Marjorie met her husband when she was seventeen and together they had eight children and eight grandchildren. Marjorie’s paintings are prominent throughout the Kimberley region.


Norman Cox was born in 1934 and lived at the Yiylili community with family members in the Kimberley region in Western Australia. Norman enjoyed producing traditional Aboriginal craft and paintings. His work has sold in galleries in the Kimberley,Perth and to buyers from Europe, Japan and America.


Was born around 1940 in Warlpiri in the Tanami Desert. Judy greatly enjoys her art, song and dance, which all go together in recording history to the present and places in her country and that of her family.


Peggy Rockman Napaljarri was born ca. 1943 at Lima in the Northern Territory, Australia. Peggy is a Lajamanu woman who now makes her home in Katherine. She is custodian for several stories and ceremonies. Peggy is also an important ceremony and law womanin the Warlpiri Culture.


Gladys Napangardi Tasman was born circa 1930 and is from Lajamanu, Northern Territory. Gladys first began to paint on canvas in 1986 when this medium was introduced by European influence in the community. The stories and traditional painting style have remained the same as were painted on artefacts and stones, in ceremony times on the bodies and on the ground.



Betty was born in 1954 in Utopia of Central Australia. Her mother is the late Minnie Pwerle and her half sister is Brabarah Wier, both established artists. Betty’s painting depicts Aboriginal iconography referring to awlye (body painting) associated with women’s ceremony and bush melon.


Jeannie was born in 1956 on the Boundary Bore Outstation of Utopia in Central Australia. Her work is characterised by vibrant designs celebrating the spirit of the yam plant and relating to the process of mixing various fruits and plants with animal fat to create medicine.



Maureen Hudson Nampajimpa (Yijan) is from the Mt. Allan region. She grew up in a traditional way, living in the bush where the ceremonies were very strong, and painting was only done on the body or the ground. Maureen started painting in the mid 80`s and says of her work: “My main stories are my father`s stories of Fire Dreaming, Napa – Water Dreaming, Lightning Dreaming. And my mother`s side as well, women`s ceremonies. My skin name is Nampajimpa and on my mother and uncle`s side, Numeratumera.


Isaiah Nagurrgurrba is a member of the Injalak Arts and Crafts Association at Oenpelli, in western Arnhem Land. His distinctive x-ray style art typically depicts animals and fish, mimi figures and spirit ancestors. Isaiah`s work features salt water crocodile, water lilies, black bream fish, file snake, possum, kangaroo, mimis, echidna, long neck turtle and Ngalyod – the Rainbow Serpent.

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